Our Story

Kwixo Designs is a full-service integrated marketing communications agency.

We realize that's kind of a mouthful, so in the simplest sense, we help you build and promote brands. Whether that's a business, product, or just yourself - we do everything from advertising and brand design, to packaging and commercial photo/video production.

Kwixo is unique because we capture the most authentic and compelling parts of your brand story, then build pixel-perfect creative assets around them that people want to buy into past the first purchase. As a plus, Kwixo keeps prices down by doing nearly every step of our services in-house, while pledging to do so with earth-friendly options so our world (and your business) can stay healthy.

Chances are you have experienced the harsh reality of perceptions.

Back when I was just another misunderstood middle-schooler fighting to fit in, I discovered the value of perceptions. People are impressionable, but you only get one chance to do it right. If you want to be seen as a serious, high-end banker but you are wearing a mismatched floral raincoat during your first impression, it's very likely that image will defy their expectations of a serious banker and cause you to lose credibility. It came to me one day while watching TV that the brands you see in commercials present themselves in a polished way that tackles the first impression and closes a sale, even if the product ends up being a total dud once you have tried it. I decided to try rebranding myself using the same techniques, and it worked flawlessly... for a moment.

Those ads were using manipulation to develop an image, rather than promote their core competencies though. What about repeat customers? Or in my case, long-term friends? Using a flood of puffery and conditioning to sell their false reality, these companies were pushing the idea that their products could solve our problems - spending tons of cash with "spray-and-pray" tactics while wasting paper or other precious resources in the process. Nobody would come back if the toy broke within a week, and in my case nobody wanted to get to know me beyond the surface level. I needed to portray who I was in a way that was genuine and conducive to building relationships, not temporary attention. The same applied to these companies; they should be extolling their values instead of hiding flaws and offering false promises.

Apalled, it became really important for me to solve that issue somehow. I decided to change the face of advertising with a fast, genuine, eco-friendly approach backed by inspiring design. People should get excited about brands through stories that share their goodness, not trickery. Thus, Kwixo Designs was born: an agency that helps people and businesses express their honest brand story. Today, that goal is still top priority as we market the essence of your brand identity in a tangible format customers can believe in... design.

Kevin Wolff