We dream up handcrafted creative that tells your story.

We're an agency that works with you to build brands faster, smarter, and affordably.

Whether you're an artist looking for help with album art and merch...

...a large organization in need of a full rebrand...

...a film production company with a trailer to cut...

...or a small business seeking an e-commerce website.

Kwixo Designs can make it all happen under one roof.

4 Reasons to Choose Kwixo Designs

  • Your customers are people, not psych experiments

    Kwixo approaches advertising from a uniquely human perspective. We're passionate about getting people excited about your brand - because it's good and they believe in your values, not because we manipulated them to like it.

  • Top-tier commercial design, seriously affordable prices

    Kwixo Designs consistently matches or beats competitor costs without sacrificing quality. We work quickly and without large overhead as a small agency. You came to us looking for exposure or refinement of a brand to grow your business - not because you're already rich.

  • Forget phony "partnerships", we're your friend in business

    We don't like to think of our relationship with you as strictly contractual. We won't disappear and come back after creating something in a vacuum because at the end of the day, we believe the best results come from working together to fully understand your brand. Kwixo Designs always prioritizes clients' best interests in-line with our own because we want to see you succeed.

  • Being sustainable feels good, so we make it easy

    We think it's important to take care of the world we live in just as much as our brands. That's why everything Kwixo Designs does is eco-friendly - from recycled paper in our print work with smart targeting that prevents them from being tossed as junk, to wind and solar-powered website servers.