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Our Story

We're a Quirky Little Agency...

Kwixo Designs is a full-service integrated marketing communications agency.

We realize that's kind of a mouthful, so in the simplest sense, we help you build and promote brands. Whether it's a business, product, or just yourself, we do everything from advertising and brand management, to print merchandising or commercial production.

Kwixo Designs is unique because we use honest-to-goodness stories that people want to take part in, rather than manipulative and deceptive techniques to target vulnerable audiences. As a plus, Kwixo always keeps the prices down by doing nearly every step of our services in-house and uses Earth-friendly methods so our world (and your business) can stay healthy.

We help you find and capture the best and most wholesome parts of your brand story, then build a picture-perfect slice of you or your business that people will love to share (kinda like pie).

"Handcrafted Stories. Brands That Inspire."

Dear Visitor,

Chances are you have experienced the harsh reality of perceptions. Back in 2007, I was just another misunderstood middle-schooler fighting to fit in.

Taking hints on outward appearance from the media around me, I found that I could match what I knew inside with how my peers saw me using similar branding techniques. It worked flawlessly and brought more attention than I ever had before. It wasn't until later that I realized those ads were using manipulation to develop an image, rather than promote their core competencies. Using a flood of puffery and conditioning to sell their false reality, these companies were pushing the idea that their products would solve our problems - wasting paper and other precious resources in the process.

Apalled, it became really important for me to solve that issue somehow. I decided to change the face of advertising with a fast, genuine, eco-friendly approach backed by inspiring design. People should get excited about brands through stories that share their goodness, not trickery. Thus, Kwixo Designs was born: an agency that helps people and businesses express their individuality through a brand image developed using their own compelling story. Today, that goal is still top priority as we market the essence of your brand identity in a tangible format customers can believe in... design.

Kevin Wolff - Founder/CEO